IDEAL Corporate Business Policies underlie our corporate culture that we have developed in the last 40 years. As Memişler Group, we target a long term business achievement thanks to our investments. In addition to complying with the legal necessities in action and providing the sustainability of all our activities, we act on the basic principle that we must create great values for the society.

Although IDEAL Corporate Business Policies were first published in 2015, most of the business policies the document includes are the concepts which were developed years ago. However precise the business policies are, they keep up with the changing and developing world. We believe that the strong understanding of harmonization adopted is of great importance in our business. Corporate Business Policies and the supporting documents reflect this belief and thus protects the customers’ and our partners’ trust in IDEAL trademark. Our in-house rules, requiring to strictly comply with the laws, shape our business activities in the event that the laws are flexible or there is no law in action. For IDEAL, protecting the harmonization is beyond keeping an audit notebook. It is requires us to have steady policies which are valid through the whole company and direct our employees comprehensively.

As the chairman of the board of IDEAL, I must say that we have dedicated to get our company to run according to these policies and we expect our employees in our Group Companies to comply with these policies. Besides, we guarantee consistent improvement and we are open to any contribution by others related to any field of our corporate business relations.

IDEAL Corporate Business Policies
1. Quality Assurance, Product Safety and Traceability
2. Relations with Customers
3. Respect for Human Rights
4. Leadership
5. Social Responsibility
6. Occupational Health and Safety
7. Relations with Suppliers
8. Investments for Agricultural and Rural Development
9. Contribution to Environmental Sustainability
10. Local, National and Global Food Liability
We, devoted to abide by all of these policies, proceed on our way evaluating the possibilities, risks and the reality beyond visibility.